{DIY Kiddie Fun Cake}


I’ve been inspired to many home bakers in pinterest with their DIY Kitkat Cake, it is colorful, easy and fun to make, so I decided to make one but to be distinguishable to others, I use wafer sticks instead of the usual Kitkat. The time that I made this DIY cake was one of my busiest weeks (i can’t remember tho..), so I just bought a chiffon cake in the bakery and frost it with my chocolate butter frosting, topped it with lots and lots of Β NIPS (a candy covered chocolate in the Philippines, similar to MnM’s), assembled the wafer sticks around the cake and tied a lace with ribbon to finish the presentation.


My mom and sis loved my DIY Cake, meaning, not only the kiddos will enjoy this kind of treat, it is for adults also. πŸ˜€


{Seaweed Buko Pandan & Fruit Salad}


IMG_20150703_182321_762{Seaweed Buko Pandan & Fruit Salad}

Yeah I know some of you will have their one eyebrow up after reading the title. Seaweeds as a dessert? Why not?

Here in our place (Butuan City,Philippines), one of the special products we offer is the processed Seaweed. It’s texture is like a jelly but the seaweeds are made in strips.

β˜…So sorry, I dont have a picture of the seaweed packaging. If I have some time, I’ll update this post.β˜…

The seaweed strips are just mixed with fruits, all-purpose cream and condensed milk.. mix mix mix and your done! πŸ˜€πŸ‘

Price: P500.00 good for 15pax

{Sunday Food Delivery – Late Post}

Pinoy Bistek, Chicken Curry and Four Seasons
Pinoy Bistek, Chicken Curry and Four Seasons



IMG_20150703_175450_070{Food Delivery – late post}

Though we have a busy week and Sunday was our only time to rest a little bit and do some of our personal stuffs. But this Sunday will be different, ww need to woke up early to prepare for our delivery.

Our customer ordered Chicken Curry, Four Seasons and Beef Steak (Pinoy Bistek) good for 25pax for their Sunday gathering.

Thank you Sir Kit and Maam Wela Mabale for ordering! ‘Til your next order! πŸ˜€πŸ’žπŸ΄


IMG_20150223_192117IMG_20150214_082641IMG_20150214_082443IMG_20150214_082347{YEMA CAKE}

YEMA is a famous Filipino candy made from egg yolks and condensed milk.
And because of the innovation of Filipino bakers, they come up with making the Yema mixture into a cake frosting and now it is famously known in the Philippines as the “YEMA CAKE”.

Yema cake is made of Vanilla Butter Cake, Yema Frosting and toppes with Cheese.

Filipinos with sweet tooth love it because of the balance of the sweetness from the yema frosting and the saltiness from the cheese.

Once you tasted the Yema Cake, I am sure that you’ll definitely ask for more.
So, place your orders now!!

PRICE: P450.00 (9″ diameter cake)